Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Le Garage Sale

Holy smokes!  I went to Le Garage Sale on Sunday, and it was AWESOME.  I spent a little over $100 on a maxi dress, two tops, a jacket, a t-shirt for Husband and my fave purchase, a Melie Bianco Juliet Satchel

My BFF and I were each eying a maxi dress from this particular boutique.  Lo and behold, everything was buy one get one free!  Then, I saw Juliet.  It was love at first sight. But at $69, it was on the higher end of the items that day.  (Most boutiques had items at around $20.  And each of our maxi dresses were $40.)  I just couldn't justify the purchase.  So I put Juliet back.  BFF and I did the BOGO on our dresses and got them for $20.  Sweet!  We strolled some more, and at the end of the day, I went back to see if Juliet went home with anyone else.  She had not.  It was a sign!  BFF, being awesome, asked the seller if she would be willing to offer up a deal on the bag.  (They were packing up after all and surely they wanted another sale?)  The seller said she would give it to me at 50% off.  So, Juliet and I were meant to be together.

BFF and I decided we'd come every time the event was held.  Great fun and well worth the cost!  (It was $10 to get in and $7 to park.)  If you decide to go, keep in mind:

  • Wear non-hindering clothing.  One boutique let us take clothes to the bathroom to try on.  However, most have mirrors and you just try on the clothes on top of what you're already wearing.  Next time, I'm going in yoga gear!  Oh, and with all the clothes coming on and off, it's probably a good idea to nix the make up too.
  • A few items we picked up were damaged.  One seller basically said, It's a sample, sorry.  I think if she offered to sell it at a further discount, my BFF would've bought it.  Just keep an eye out!  
  • If you don't mind having a smaller pool to choose from, go on the second day.  We went on Sunday afternoon, around 2:00.  There was still plenty to choose from and we felt like we got a good haul.  And because sellers are trying to unload merchandise, they will offer a better price as the day winds down.  The boutique that had the BOGO special said they did not offer it on Saturday.  At closing time (5:00), we were starting to head out when another boutique offered us better prices because they didn't want to bring as much stuff back to the shop.  I found a super cute jacket for $15, which they had originally planned to sell for $20.
  • Some boutiques will not charge tax if paying with cash.

See you at the next Le Garage Sale!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get It While It's Hot! -- Nanette Lepore and Tracy Reese dresses

For this edition of Get It While It's Hot!, I have three dresses on sale!

1. Nanette Lepore Marilyn Dress in violet.  This dress is GORGEOUS!  Retail price is $348.00, but for a limited time, I'm taking $10 off my price and it can be yours for $75!  That's over 75% off.  Some details include:
  • wide straps over the left shoulder to create a beautiful one-shoulder, cutout design
  • paisley jacquard
  • seamed natural waist
  • side pockets
  • A-line skirt
  • viscose / nylon material
  • size 4
Here it is on America Ferrera:

2. Nanette Lepore Marilyn Dress in black.  I couldn't find a good picture of it, but it's the same dress as the one in violet, but in a size 2 and $100.00 (over 70% off).  I know it's a little pricier than the violet one and I don't know why.  That's how it was when I snatched it up.

3. Tracy Reese Contrast Frock.  Oh my goodness, this dress is also so beautiful.  Retail price is $299.00, and I'm offering it for $85.00.  That's over 70% off.  Wow!  Details on this dress include:
  • rayon / silk / nylon
  • gathered bust
  • lined
  • back zipper
  • size 2

These dresses at these prices are available for a limited time only so get it while it's hot!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Inventory, Including Coach, Diane von Furstenberg, Etro, Nanette Lepore and Tracy Reese

I finally had some time to score some new inventory!  I found some great deals to share with you:

  • Coach Kristin Leather Hobo
  • Hudson Signature Bootcut jeans
  • Joe's Jeans The Provocateur
  • Etro skirts
  • Diane von Furstenberg Evangeline Bis Dress
  • Nanette Lepore Marilyn Dresses (in two colors)
  • Tracy Reese Contrast Frock in Chambray

Plus I still have some older inventory available from Banana Republic, Peter Som, Vera Wang Lavender Label and Tory Burch.

As always, let me know if you have questions!  For those in the Austin, TX area, I'm available to show these to you in person.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Webster at Target

Have you seen the ads for The Shops at Target?  I did, but didn't pay much attention to it.  But as I was strolling along, looking for one item, I happened to walk by the cutest clothes.  The Shop that was represented was The Webster.  The prints are adorable!  And the price tag is on par with other designers that Target has teamed up with.  Here are some of my favorites:

Strapless Maxi Dress in Wallpaper Print Cream
Palm Print Wedge Sandal

Sleeveless Maxi Dress
Men's Belt (but I would totally rock this)
Palm Straw Tote

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oasis-- A New Find!

I happened to see this dress on Pinterest

and it lead to me to Oasis.  It doesn't look like this dress is available on their website any longer, but goodness!  These dresses are just adorable!  Here are some of my faves:

Belted Pleat Neck Dress

Leaf Print Printed Skater Dress

 Spot Skater Dress

And there are a lot of cute dresses on sale too.  I might be in a lot of trouble now...!